Re-elect Maher Maso for Frisco Mayor

Date: January 29, 2011
Time: 6-8pm
Location: Dr. Pepper Arena (2601 Avenue of the Stars Frisco, TX 75034), map

Please join Mayor Maher Maso and his family and team for a campaign kick-off party! Enjoy comedian Dean Lewis and a night of fun and entertainment as we celebrate Maher’s last three years of service and begin his campaign for re-election.

Dress is casual,  snacks and cash bar provided. This event is free and open to the public. Please RSVP total in your group so that we can plan accordingly.

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Coffee with the Mayor

Frisco City Hall is serving “Coffee with the Mayor”.  Residents are invited to join Mayor Maher Maso for coffee and casual conversation the second Monday of each month from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Have a question for Mayor Maso? Come hear the answers over a cup of joe.

The first meeting of 2011 happens January 10, at City Hall inside the George A. Purefoy Municipal Center, located at 6101 Frisco Square Blvd. The meeting will be in the 5th floor City Room.

Mayor Maso launched the first “Coffee with the Mayor” on June 9, 2008. “This is another communication tool,” said Mayor Maso. “It’s a chance for our citizens to get to know their Mayor, visit City Hall and get to see their local government ‘up close”.

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Countdown to NCAA Division I Football Championship Game

For the first time ever, the NCAA Division I Football Championship Game will be held in Frisco on Friday, January 7 at 6 p.m. at Pizza Hut Park, 9200 World Cup Way.

Delaware and Eastern Washington will meet in this 2011 championship game, which concludes a 20-team national playoff.  Tickets range from $30 to $40 and are available online at

As many as 8,000 out-of-state visitors are expected to flock to Frisco to see the Eastern Washington Eagles take on Delaware’s Fighting Blue Hens.  The game’s economic impact is estimated at more than $1 million dollars.

“Tickets are still available, but you need to act fast,” said Mayor Maher Maso, Honorary Chairman, “Team Frisco”, which is the local organizing committee.  “Local momentum for this game has been building since February when NCAA awarded the game to Frisco for the next three years.  Not only is it a great economic boon for Frisco, this nationally televised game is also another opportunity for us to showcase our community. Plus, it’s affordable entertainment and a chance to see some great football,” added Mayor Maso.

“Team Frisco”, which is made up of the City of Frisco, Hunt Sports Group and Southland Conference, is hosting a week’s worth of festivities for fans, as well.

The Great Texas Barbecue Bowl will be held Wednesday, January 5, from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Frisco Conference Center, 7600 John Q. Hammons Drive.  The “Barbecue Bowl” is a chance for fans to dine with the players while enjoying barbeque served by Randy White’s Hall of Fame BBQ, live music by Lone Star Attitude, surrounded by a great western motif. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10.95 for children 12 and under.  Tickets include dinner and a complimentary team bandana. For tickets, go to

The Champions Luncheon will be held Thursday, January 6, from noon to 1:30 p.m., also at the Frisco Conference Center.  Doors open at 11:30 a.m.  Hear comments from both head coaches, view exciting video highlights, and enjoy a special luncheon guest speaker!  Also, the NCAA Elite 88 Award for athletic and academic achievement will be presented to one of the Division I national championship game’s participants.  Tickets are $50 and a table of eight is $360.

Tailgate Town will be held Friday, January 7 starting at noon and ending at 6 p.m., just before the game kickoff.  ‘Tailgate Town’ will get fans fired up in the Gold Parking Lot of Pizza Hut Park, just west of Dr. Pink Field. Admission is free to this family friendly event.  Tailgate Town will feature food, live music, team band performances, youth clinics, autograph sessions, bounce houses, face painters, games, souvenir sales, contests, prizes and much more – including a mechanical bull!

Visitors to this Texas showdown are likely to see a real ‘Cowboy’.  Everson Walls, former Dallas Cowboy and Grambling State University student-athlete, is honored as the FCS Ambassador for the 2011 NCAA Division I Football Championship game.

Walls, a 13-year NFL veteran, is the second former student-athlete to serve as the ambassador of the football championship. As ambassador, Walls duties include serving as an instructor at a youth clinic event, performing the pre-game coin toss and participating in the field postgame awards ceremony.

“I am honored to be a part of the Division I Football Championship, as it provides young student-athletes with an opportunity to showcase their talents on a national scale,” Walls said. “As a former student-athlete, I can attest to the excitement and success these young men will experience in their collegiate and professional careers.”

The NCAA Division I Football Championship is being hosted by the City of Frisco, Hunt Sports Group, and Southland Conference. Pizza Hut Park will also host the 2012 and 2013 national championship games.

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Mayor Maher Maso Meets with Delegation from Chechen Republic

Mayor Maher Maso and other city leaders greeted some foreign visitors today at city hall. The group is part of the Open World Delegation. They are professionals visiting Frisco from the Chechen Republic in Russia.

The group is sponsored by the Frisco Rotary Club. The guests will be touring city facilities this week and meeting with local and state leaders and representatives from Frisco ISD.

This is third year the City of Frisco has partnered with the Frisco Rotary Club to host visitors from Russia.

To view more photos from today’s meeting with Mayor Maher Maso please click here:

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Frisco Enterprise Editorial Board Endorses Maso for Mayor

Maso masters art of politics

Frisco Enterprise Editorial Board

How many people know what the definition of mayor pro tem is, much less what the role means to a city such as Frisco?

Mayor Mike Simpson devotes much of his energy to being the “face of Frisco”, but he has a job, a family, and a life outside of city politics.

When Simpson hasn’t been available to attend functions and speak on behalf of the city, mayoral candidate Maher Maso has been the go-to guy for Frisco as it’s mayor pro tem five times.

A council member for seven years, Maso has stepped in Simpson’s shoes more than any other has and the fit seems right.

Matt Lafata contends that the focus of the mayor should be different; perhaps the next officeholder should not spread himself so thin by investing his time in so many efforts. The six-year council member believes Frisco’s mayor should be more accessible to constituents.

Yes, maybe it’s getting harder for the average citizen to get face time with the mayor than it was when Frisco was 30,000 people, but Simpson has shown through his communications with frustrated Teel-Eldorado commuters and his town hall and school appearances and Miracle League support, to name just a few endeavors, that a mayor can perform the duties of the office and represent Frisco on local, county, and regional levels.

Maso is better prepared to don the mantle of such responsibility, which brings the accompanying spotlight. Lafata is a master of the online media and being accessible, but to rein in the relationships, initiatives, and appearances of the office would limit Frisco’s potential to grow not just bigger, but better.

The future of The Arts of Collin County is another issue that divides the candidates and is one of convenience for Lafata. he knows that the multi-city hall is near and dear to Maso, who is the vice president of The Arts of Collin County Commission, so he has defined his campaign by suddenly opposing a facility that Frisco has officially supported since 2004.

Frisco is blessed to have two qualified candidates with council experience seeking the mayor’s office, and were Lafata to be running against any other contender for the same office, we would support his campaign, but Maso edges him out in experience and commitment to a project that could not only improve quality of life for Frisco residents, but attract corporations looking to relocate to a city that supports the arts on a larger scale.

The Frisco Enterprise endorses Maher Maso for Frisco mayor.

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Dallas Morning News Endorses Maher Maso for Frisco Mayor

Editorial: We Recommend Maher Maso

The Frisco mayor’s race comes down to what you think the mayor’s job should be. If you think the mayor’s job is mostly glad-handing and dropping by neighborhood association barbecues – then Matt Lafata’s your guy.

But if, like us, you think Frisco needs a mayor who works hard to understand how government could work better and is willing to represent Frisco as a leader on major regional efforts, then Maher Maso is the better choice.

Mr. Lafata himself acknowledges the distinction in our online questionnaire. When asked the greatest distinction between the two candidates, Mr. Lafata wrote: “The big difference that seems apparent is in our leadership style and people skills. In my and others’ observations, my opponent feels the need to do and know everything himself, when I don’t think that’s always necessary.”

But Frisco needs more than Mr. Lafata’s focus on boosterism. It needs someone who will hold city staff accountable. It needs Mr. Maso’s work ethic, dedication to regional leadership and deep understanding of policy.

For example, even though both candidates support the expansion of seamless rail throughout North Texas, Mr. Maso has participated in planning meetings with fellow elected officials in the region. A 44-year-old executive in retail and investment companies, Mr. Maso has learned a lot about the complexities of funding a rail line to Frisco.

All this is not to say there are no differences on the issues. On one major issue – the shared arts hall – we unequivocally side with Mr. Maso. Mr. Lafata’s voting record indicates past support for the Arts of Collin County performance hall. But of late he has said that Frisco should take bond money voters approved for the shared hall and put it toward a small theater and science center. That kind of provincial thinking – an overreaction to a construction funding shortfall – could undermine the greatest cooperative effort in the county’s history.

Voters approved a project with shared operating expenses. Going it alone is inefficient and illogical. Mr. Maso, who was appointed by all three participating cities as an at-large member of the arts commission, won’t give up on the performance hall project; he’ll help make it happen.

Mr. Lafata, 41, an executive with a human resources consulting firm, also operates a newsletter, which we have praised as a great tool for engaging Frisco citizens. That it accepts advertising from city partners has raised questions, but such distractions should not be a deciding factor in this race.

The bottom line is that Mr. Maso has a demonstrated eagerness to tackle the issues facing Frisco and represent Frisco on the regional stage.

That kind of leadership will serve the city well as it transitions from a booming exurb into a dynamic city.

DMN Suburban Editorial Board

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