Beta Sigma Phi Day Proclamation

 WHEREAS,         Beta Sigma Phi was founded in 1931 during the Great Depression out of the need for an organization that could bring women together and expose them to a social, cultural and educational climate that was not available in those difficult times; and

WHEREAS,                   Beta Sigma Phi has grown into an international organization for women with 160,000 active members; and

WHEREAS,                   Beta Sigma Phi has 737 chapters in the state of Texas. The members raise more than $3 million for local charities and donate over 200,000 volunteer hours in an average year; and

WHEREAS,                   Beta Sigma Phi of Texas is holding a state convention in Frisco October 14-15, 2011 at the Frisco Conference Center; and

WHEREAS          ,         the City of Frisco welcomes the delegates and applauds Beta Sigma Phi for its social and cultural work both locally and internationally.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Maher Maso, Mayor of the City Of Frisco, Texas do hereby proclaim October 14-15, 2011 as:



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WHEREAS, at 8:46 a.m., on September 11, 2001, hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the upper portion of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City, New York; and

WHEREAS, 17 minutes later, at 9:03 a.m., hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center; and

WHEREAS, at 9:37 a.m., the west wall of the Pentagon was hit by hijacked American Airlines Flight 77, the impact of which caused immediate and catastrophic damage to the headquarters of the Department of Defense; and

WHEREAS, at approximately 10:00 a.m., the passengers and crew of hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 acted heroically to retake control of the airplane and thwart the taking of additional American lives by crashing the airliner in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and, in doing so, gave their lives to save countless others; and

WHEREAS, nearly 3,000 innocent civilians were killed in the heinous attacks of September 11, 2001; and

WHEREAS, countless fire departments, police departments, first responders, governmental officials, workers, emergency medical personnel, and volunteers responded immediately and heroically to those horrific events; and

WHEREAS, 10 years later, the people of the United States and people around the world continue to mourn the tremendous loss of innocent life on that fateful day; and

WHEREAS, on the 10th anniversary of this tragic day, the thoughts of the people of the United States are with all of the victims of the events of September 11, 2001 and their families.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Maher Maso, Mayor of the City of Frisco, Texas do hereby proclaim September 11, 2011 as:


And encourage the observance of the moment of remembrance to last for 1 minute beginning at 12:00 noon Central Daylight Time marking the moment in an appropriate manner, including by ringing bells, blowing whistles, or sounding sirens.

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Multi-Family zoning & Little Elm

The recent multi-family zoning in Little Elm is a concern to the City of Frisco and our residents. I have received many questions regarding this issue and the Frisco Council is united in our approach to this destructive action by Little Elm

We are working closely with the Frisco ISD and evaluating and taking action on several fronts.  It is our belief that this zoning case is harmful to both Little Elm and to Frisco. My hope is that we can end up finding a solution that Little Elm will work with us on, but in the end, my responsibility is to our City and Citizens. I am happy to answer questions on this issue and will keep our citizens updated as we move forward to a beneficial resolution for our citizens.

This is where my history and record will show my approach to dealing with excessive and destructive multi-family zoning:

One of the first platforms I ran on when I was first elected in 2000 was the critical need to reduce the apartment zoning in Frisco.  In 2000, we had approximately 65,018 units of Multi-Family (MF) zoning. That was a very serious problem for a city when our comprehensive plan recommended approximately 15,000 units city-wide.  My 3-step plan was put into action by the City Council at our work session in 2000. From 2000 until 2008, we  reduced MF zoning by 35,347 units to 26,671.  Since elected Mayor, we continued to work at reducing the MF zoning to reasonable levels and we are currently at 24,850 units.  That is a total reduction of 40,168 units!

I am committed to bringing the number of apartment zoning down to level that will provide housing for our residents yet not over-saturate our city.  I am also committed to ensuring that the zoning by Little Elm near our Trails neighborhood will not stand and negatively impact the quality of life and public safety of our residents.

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Frisco Enterprise:

In my fifty-plus years of coaching basketball, thirty-five in the NBA, I have had the rare opportunity to have been in 49 of our states and more than half that many foreign countries.  I have spent considerable time in every major geographical area of our country.  Now that we can live anywhere in the world that we choose, we have chosen Frisco, Texas.  When we moved here in 2000 there were less than 35,000 residents, but the folks here had the vision to invest about $500 million in bond money between the late 90’s and 2005 to be able to facilitate what Frisco has become today.  It is a fact that we have bragging rights for being rated among the best cities of 100,000 plus residents both state and nation-wide in nearly every category, including tax rate, infrastructure, safety and other essential elements of a world class city.  Quite honestly, I had NEVER encountered anyone here who is critical of what we have here or less than thrilled to be a part of what we have built here–not until this bogus campaign of Chicago-style politics that is being run against Mayor Maso; one that is filled with personal agenda and stats that are turned to sound effective but in reality that speak half-truths.

Maso is a genuine public servant who has been involved as a part of the great leadership here for much of the past decade that has seen our population quadruple.  But because of the vision of our leaders in that time, we have been able to keep pace with the infrastructure, to have the best schools in the area, increased jobs even in the recent downturn, 4th safest city in the US due to great police and fire depts. and wonderful facilities for youth, elderly, sports enthusiasts and on ad infinitum.  This has been done while keeping taxes down to near the lowest level in the area.  And the only debt we have is a result of expenses that the people voted for—i.e. taxation WITH representation, as it ought to be.  This is what true conservatism is:  keep government small, keep spending down, and answer to the will of the people.  When the people vote to go into debt for items or services they deem necessary or highly desirable, it is up to that government to spend that money wisely, but in line with the voter’s wishes.  Frisco does that.  It is not a bridges to nowhere citizenry or government.

I hope that those who have not lived here as long, or are just passing through,  can vote for the type of folks for mayor, council and school board who had the vision these past several years to keep our city ahead of track due to great planning.  This is the critical need for a city that is projected to double in population in the next 20 years or so.  To do otherwise is to go backwards. For that to happen we need to rer-elect the man with a positive approach to that vision instead of an outlook of hesitation, doubt and fear.  Being mayor of a city of 120,000 is a full time job and that is what Maso gives it.  It is not a start-up, part-time position, but one that requires positive public service experience.  It is important to keep the same kind of leadership that has moved Frisco to the position it now enjoys.  No going backward! Vote for Maso.

Del Harris, Frisco,TX, April 29, 2011

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Re-elect Frisco Mayor Maher Maso

My first term as your Mayor has been an exciting time. With the help of so many passionate families and businesses, we have made Frisco the envy of so many other communities in America. We have kept our tax rate among the lowest in North Texas, grew our economy and added many new jobs and cut expenditures at City Hall. I would be honored to have your support for my reelection so together we can continue to make Frisco the best place to live, work and raise a family.

If you would like to volunteer or need a yard sign, please click HERE.


Maher Maso
Frisco Mayor

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Let’s Talk Transparency

Sometimes, transparency is used as a word without follow-up action.  The recent ethics violations of my opponent in regards to timely & accurately filling out his required ethics disclosure forms brings this issue to the forefront. The public’s right to know the details of the campaign is not an option, but by law, a requirement.

I have always prided myself on being an open book as should any public servant.  We are elected officials in a representative democracy and the public has the right to transparency and access to information.  Even as City Hall was being designed, it was important to create an environment where our residents knew they could have access to their government at any time.  In fact, if you stand in front of City Hall, the design is such that you should be able to see through the building – this was by design to show that government should be transparent and I was proud to be part of that effort.

When I campaigned to be your Mayor in 2008, I promised that transparency and community involvement  would be part of my priorities.  Let’s take a look at some of what has taken place during my term in office:

1)      I talked about the need for ethics reform in our community.  That is why my first order of business after being elected was to create a citizen’s ethics review committee.  I met with our city attorney, formulated an agenda item and brought forth recommendations for the committee to the Council.  The result:  revised/strengthened ethics reform.

2)      Along with the ethics committee, I also promised a review of ethics code in the city charter, as well as an over-all charter review. I again followed through immediately and the result was a citizen’s committee to review the city charter and then a successful election by our citizens in the May elections.

3)      Government Transparency – I supported and started several initiatives and Frisco was recently featured in a Dallas Morning News editorial titled “Frisco found a way to demystify government, so why can’t Washington?”

  • The city checkbook was placed on-line for public review.
  • We began live streaming of all council meetings as well as playback for our citizens “on-demand.”  All minutes are quickly put online so our citizens can share information easier and quicker.
  • I began “Coffee with the Mayor,” where our residents could share their thoughts in an informal setting. This initiative met with strong community support and involvement.
  • Put in place a blog, Facebook, Twitter, newsletter and LinkedIn social media as additional ways to communicate.  My day-to-day interactions on behalf of the city and in my role as Mayor are logged online for our residents to see, and to also send me their opinion on, often in real-time.
  • Worked with our council and staff to modify the town hall meetings to reach a record number of residents and to proactively contact our residents to ask their opinion and for their comments.
  • Worked and encouraged our communication department to begin a YouTube page as well as a Twitter account to communicate with our residents.
  • Have an open door policy – I have met with thousands of our residents in groups or one-on-one. At times, I would have 3-5 meetings per day to discuss any issue with our residents.

4)      Resident involvement – I helped improve interaction with our citizens and found new ways to involve our community in government:

  • I appointed the Mayor’s Ad-Hoc “Frisco Veterans Advisory Committee” to involve our heroes that helped give us the freedom to have elections and to be a free nation an opportunity to be part of our government.  Besides advising me and also the city on important issues, they help the community with the Community Parade, Memorial Day and several other events.  They also help reach out to our veterans to advise them of programs in the community, such as the veteran only classes at Collin College.
  • I appointed the Mayor’s Complete Count Committee to help us in achieving a record-turnout in the U.S. Census. This has resulted in allowing us the opportunity to get additional grants for the police, fire and the overall community.
  • Appointed the “Mayor’s Get-Fit-Frisco” committee to work with our planning and communications departments for a long-term approach to have the fittest city in the U.S.
  • Appointed the “Mayor’s International Committee,” which is now the Frisco Sister Cities program, which helps us leverage our international presence to attract corporations, educational opportunities and sports.
  • Expanded and improved the “Mayor’s Youth Council” and engaged even more teens from all of Frisco.  Added LISD and Private Schools for Frisco Teens.  With the Mayor’s Youth Council, programs for teens and elementary students were expanded.
  • Continued and expanded my involvement with the Relay for Life cancer fundraiser and involved even more of our community in the effort.
  • Supported the creation of the Zoning Advisory Committee made up of our residents and stakeholders to help us review our zoning guidelines.

This is just a small sampling of some of the actions I have taken as your Mayor.  I have been an active member of our community long before becoming mayor, and believe it is paramount to involve our citizens in all aspects of our city government.

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