Frisco Enterprise Editorial Board Endorses Maso for Mayor

Maso masters art of politics

Frisco Enterprise Editorial Board

How many people know what the definition of mayor pro tem is, much less what the role means to a city such as Frisco?

Mayor Mike Simpson devotes much of his energy to being the “face of Frisco”, but he has a job, a family, and a life outside of city politics.

When Simpson hasn’t been available to attend functions and speak on behalf of the city, mayoral candidate Maher Maso has been the go-to guy for Frisco as it’s mayor pro tem five times.

A council member for seven years, Maso has stepped in Simpson’s shoes more than any other has and the fit seems right.

Matt Lafata contends that the focus of the mayor should be different; perhaps the next officeholder should not spread himself so thin by investing his time in so many efforts. The six-year council member believes Frisco’s mayor should be more accessible to constituents.

Yes, maybe it’s getting harder for the average citizen to get face time with the mayor than it was when Frisco was 30,000 people, but Simpson has shown through his communications with frustrated Teel-Eldorado commuters and his town hall and school appearances and Miracle League support, to name just a few endeavors, that a mayor can perform the duties of the office and represent Frisco on local, county, and regional levels.

Maso is better prepared to don the mantle of such responsibility, which brings the accompanying spotlight. Lafata is a master of the online media and being accessible, but to rein in the relationships, initiatives, and appearances of the office would limit Frisco’s potential to grow not just bigger, but better.

The future of The Arts of Collin County is another issue that divides the candidates and is one of convenience for Lafata. he knows that the multi-city hall is near and dear to Maso, who is the vice president of The Arts of Collin County Commission, so he has defined his campaign by suddenly opposing a facility that Frisco has officially supported since 2004.

Frisco is blessed to have two qualified candidates with council experience seeking the mayor’s office, and were Lafata to be running against any other contender for the same office, we would support his campaign, but Maso edges him out in experience and commitment to a project that could not only improve quality of life for Frisco residents, but attract corporations looking to relocate to a city that supports the arts on a larger scale.

The Frisco Enterprise endorses Maher Maso for Frisco mayor.

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