Now is the Time – Please Vote!

By now, you have seen numerous campaign messages from candidates and from the proponents and opponents of the Alcohol Proposition. It now comes to your Vote.  Election day is TODAY and I am asking you to vote AGAINST!

I have served as your Mayor since 2008 and I hope I have met and exceeded your expectations of what you want in your elected official. It has been truly an honor and privilege to serve.

Many of you know it is a non-paid position that receives a small stipend. I’m essentially a volunteer and my term ends in 2017. The only thing I get out of your vote AGAINST is that Frisco continues the path towards sustainability, a safe community and a great place to raise a family and create good jobs.

It is not often that I ask our citizens for help, but I need your help on this one!

Specifically, I need your help to counter the paid consultants who have the goal to get this measure passed for their client. Please take a moment and help me protect our planned growth and quality of life by voting AGAINST on Saturday, May 7th.

On one side, you have:

• One establishment that wants to bypass all checks and balances that regulate how much alcohol they can sell and where they can sell it.

• Paid consultants who are rewarded financially for getting this measure to pass by confusing our voters how valuable it is to the city. Let’s be clear: It is valuable to them and to this establishment, not to our taxpayers, schools and businesses already in Frisco. It is not valuable to the thousands of volunteer hours our residents have put in to create a master plan for the City of Frisco, or the taxpayer investment in planned growth and public safety. It does not help us create more revenue and it does NOT help us keep your taxes low.

• Paid Poll Workers who will be at the polls telling how great this is for Frisco.
On the Other Side, you have the AGAINST vote and community leaders who have invested thousands of hours to make sure Frisco is sustainable, has great public safety, a top-notch education system and great quality of life:

Your elected officials that you trusted to protect our community all are AGAINST including:

• The Mayor

• All 6 sitting Council Members individually

• All candidates running for City Council

• All the candidates running for school board

• Three Past Frisco Mayors

• All the Frisco ISD Board members individually

• Various community and youth organizations

• The Frisco Chamber of Commerce

• Hundreds of volunteers who are Frisco residents who have taken the time to campaign against this, sit at polling location and give presentation to other groups.

• Many of our local restaurants and regional & international companies that operate restaurants including CRO Management, owners of Cantina Laredo, Silver Fox Steakhouse, El Chico, III Forks and other metroplex concepts, Louie Villasaliu, owner of Eddie’s Napolis Ristaurante Italiano, Stan’s Main Street, Manny’s Tex Mex Grill, Texadelphia Frisco, Celebrity Café’ & Bakery Frisco, Twisted Tortilla and Bonnie Ruth’s Café Trottoir Et Patisseria at The Shops of Starwood.

I think it is pretty clear that this proposition is not good for Frisco. Please join me and all the others by making it crystal clear: Vote AGAINST today from 7AM to 7PM.

Please share this message. Please let your family and friends know and please VOTE.  SHARE THIS MESSAGE PLEASE.


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