Tuesday May 3rd – Last day to EARLY vote

Today, Tuesday, May 3rd, is the last day for early voting.  The polls are open until 7PM tonight. Please make your voice heard, vote for new Council Members & vote AGAINST the alcohol proposition. Information on polling locations can be found HERE.  In short, if you live in Collin County, you can vote at any Collin County polling location. If you live in Denton County portion of Frisco, you can vote at ANY Denton County polling location.

I am asking for your help and support in voting AGAINST the alcohol proposition.  You have received countless social media ads, phone calls and mailers by the paid consultants and workers that are pushing to pass this issue.  This ballot item is about one bar in Frisco that is not meeting the TABC requirements and that is trying to change the rules.  The messages you have received attempt to confuse the issue. They make it sound like Frisco is losing millions – we are not.  They make it sound like if you do not support this item, things will change in Frisco. They will not.  In short:

  • If you vote against: Nothing Changes.  You can still buy bear and wine in Frisco. You can still have a bar, with approval, in Frisco. You can still have a drink with dinner in Frisco.  If you vote for, then bars can locate anywhere in the city that has retail zoning without city control. We (YOU) can’t say no.  You can have liquor stores anywhere in the city that has retail zoning.  We (YOU) can’t say no.
  • Every current and past Mayor is voting AGAINST.  Every Council Member is voting AGAINST. They understand he issue and all feel the same way: THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR FRISCO AND OUR SUSTAINABILITY.  Will you support us – volunteers that have given thousands of hours to make Frisco successful or will you support special interest groups, ONE BAR that wants to make more money  and paid consultants who tell you how good this is for you?  Please help us stay on track by joining me and voting AGAINST.
  • They say we will lose Millions.  They are right.  Frisco is a very successful community. One of the lowest crime rates in the Country.  One of the lowest, if not lowest, tax rate of any city over 100,000 in North Texas. We have great balance, great school, low taxes, great quality of life. What will it cost us if we lose that balance? You are making a choice of how we develop by this vote.  Do we stay on plan?   To repeat: FRISCO HAS LOWER PROPERTY TAXES THAN ANY OF THE CITIES MENTIONED in their WITHOUT ALCOHOL SALES.
  • They say that restaurants will not stay open until 2AM without this vote and that they will go to Plano. Did you know Plano has the SAME EXACT rules that we do when it comes to bars? They cannot locate in Plano without a special use permit. The same thing we have now in Frisco. What this vote will do is allow BARS to locate anywhere there is retail zoning in Frisco WITHOUT city council (your elected officials) control.  Do you really want that?

I enjoy serving our community. I receive a small stipend every month to cover minor expenses. I volunteer my time to make Frisco the best and safest city in the country. I will not profit if you vote AGAINST. I have nothing to gain except keeping your taxes low and quality of life high if you vote AGAINST.  I am asking for your HELP – you can make a difference. Please join me in voting AGAINST today until 7PM or this Saturday from 7AM – 7PM.

Thank You!

Mayor Maher Maso


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