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Early Voting has Started! You will be going to the polls to elect two Frisco Council members and to vote on an alcohol proposition being presented by a local establishment. Also, depending on where you live in Frisco – you will be voting on ISD Trustees.

In the context of all the marketing being done by the pro-alcohol consultants and paid help, I created this post where I will attempt to add a new part to it every day during early Voting. My version of the top-10 list! Remember, the wording on the ballot is what THIS BUSINESS THAT BEGAN THIS EFFORT WANTED TO BE. It is not clear what you are voting on. The simplest way to explain it:  If you vote AGAINST – nothing will change. You can still purchase mixed drinks in restaurants, buy beer and wine in stores and visit private clubs in Frisco that can sell more than 50% of sales in alcohol.  If you vote for it, one of the outcomes will be that BARS can locate anywhere that retail zoning exists without further approvals by the City Council. This may include the empty lot near your home. The City Council cannot RESTRICT THEM if this passes.

Why vote AGAINST – My Daily Reasons?

DAY 3, 4 & 5 early voting reasons to vote AGAINST: 


On one side, slick newspaper-like advertisements, high-paid consultants and a highly respected economist. All of us have seen the myriad of reasons why we should vote to open up Frisco more than almost any other community in North Texas with bars and alcohols sales and at the top of the list is how much money we are losing to other cities!

On the other side is every single council member in the City of Frisco. Every single candidate running for city council. Every single school board trustee. The Frisco Chamber of Commerce, PTA’s and homeowner associations, past mayors, past council members and numerous other leaders.  In almost every case, volunteers who live in Frisco, who spend thousands of hours trying to make Frisco the best possible place to live.  Who truly care about our community.  They are involved. They know the facts.

There is a big difference between hired professionals paid to get this across the finish line and volunteers in our community trying to make Frisco a better place.  There is a big difference between one bar in Frisco that is trying to maximize their profits and community volunteers who are not making a profit out of this – they are only in it for a better community.  The alcohol paid consultants and bar are telling you why this is good for you. It’s not good for you. It is good for them and only them.

I know the consultants. They know what they are doing. They are good at what they are doing.  I have respect for them as a company, they are the best at what they do. But, the citizens of Frisco have to recognize that it is their job to convince you of their message.  In most cases – they will have a contingency fee – a large amount of dollars they will get if this passes.  Their pay is directly tied to their success.  They are so good at it, I am answering a lot of questions about this “lost revenue”. Their message has worked on some.

Yet we have volunteers know that the revenue comes with real costs, including lost opportunities and other expenses that they fail to mention  I am one of those volunteers. The only gain I receive is ensuring the quality of life in Frisco, the long-term sustainability of Frisco and the low taxes in Frisco. I do not make any money if this passes or fails.  My contingency when you vote AGAINST is that Frisco will stick to plan. My contingency fee, along with the other leaders, is quality of life, sustainability of our community and the jobs created here by having the right demographics for companies.

The consultants talk about lost revenue to nearby cities.  I will let you in on a little secret:  Frisco has a lower property tax rate than every one of them.  Our quality of life, low crime AND focused planning is keeping our property taxes low, not the fact that we don’t have alcohol sales.  This entire election is about one bar that, in my opinion, verges on the edge of being a sexually oriented business, wanting to sell more alcohol.  The consultants do a great job of trying to confuse the issue.

The consultants mention that many of our restaurants or “clubs” do not open until 2am and that Plano gets all of those clubs and that we need this to pass so that more clubs can open until 2AM.  Did you know that Plano regulates clubs the same way we currently do – they must get a special use permit from the city to sell more than 50%?  WE ARE IDENTICAL TO PLANO IN NOT ALLOWING BARS with going to the city for approval as a private club.

The paid consultants continue to push the lost revenue from not allowing bars to come up on every corner (yes, that is what can happen if this passes – the city will not have any control).  I have a question for you which is what the title of this post is – Is this about money?   If it is and our residents want us to  create more revenue and not worry about sustainability and planned growth, the city council can approve many things that will generate even more money. Do you really want us to?  Do you really want some of those high-impact uses in our city?  Do you want uses near your neighborhood that will lower your quality of life to just make more money?  I promised, when I ran for Mayor, to keep taxes low, to create jobs, to help build a sustainable city and keep a high QUALITY OF LIFE.  I didn’t promise to bring new revenue to the city at all costs. I promised to bring the RIGHT kind of growth.

Please join me in voting AGAINST and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to do the same thing. Let’s keep Frisco First – not the paid consultants and one bar that is pushing for this to pad their bottom line.


Day 2 early voting reason to vote AGAINST: The bar that is trying to push this proposition through to increase their bottom line and profits at Frisco’s expense is promising you a free beer if you vote.

I can’t promise you a free beer – I can only promise you to continue to do everything in my power to represent Frisco to the best of my ability, to always work my hardest to protect our community and to represent us to the world as the best place to do business and raise a family. Will you help me by voting AGAINST?

Day 1 early voting reason to vote AGAINST: I sent out a note asking for your support in helping me represent and protect Frisco. I need our citizens to be involved on this issue. Please Join me!   (posted from facebook):

Please join me in voting AGAINST the alcohol proposition on the ballot. It is there because SPECIAL INTEREST, PAID LOBBYIST and CONSULTANTS are trying to change the rules for a business that is not meeting the 50% alcohol requirements. I do not ask our community for much – but I’m asking for your support to just say NO (AGAINST) to others trying to bring a free-for-all in our community.

Leave control of how BARS get to operate in our city in the control of the City Council, not special interests. Please tell your friends as the consultants hired by this bar are spending and have spent a large amount of money on convincing our residents this is good for our city. IT IS ONLY GOOD FOR THEM – NOT OUR CITY.

Please go to the polls starting today and vote.


How can you help?

  1. Vote AGAINST!
  2. Call, Talk or E-mail all your friends and family to Vote!
  3. Share this link with all your social media sites and groups. The power of one can become many. Frisco First!
  4. Remind your family and friends to vote (again)!  We are all busy with life – but we can’t take this issue for granted. It can change the face and success of Frisco and send us in the wrong direction.
  5. To learn more about why you should vote AGAINST, visit:
  6. Election Information can be found here:
  7. Remember:  VOTE AGAINST
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