Vote Against Alcohol Ballot Item

Yesterday, I posted a twitter and facebook message asking our residents for help in voting AGAINST the alcohol proposition.

I have had the honor to serve the City of Frisco and our citizens as Mayor for the last 8 years. It is a volunteer role, but well over full-time in the committment it takes. I wake up every day thinking of how much of a privilege it is to be allowed to serve our community and I do my best to live up to the trust you have placed in me.

It is not often I ask for help, but this is one of those times. There is a lot of noise out there about the alcohol proposition. The establishment that is attempting to change the rules for the entire city to benefit their alcohol sales has invested a large amount of money to get this proposition to pass.  They are not able to meet the rules that govern their operation, so they are trying to change them. .  This alcohol proposition not about Frisco, but about one business trying to become a bar at all costs.  Frisco believes in market driven success, but we also believe in planning and following the rules. The number of complaints I receive about this business and how they operate is an area of concern to me.

My service to our community is based on a promise I made to protect Frisco and to make sure special interests do not interfere with our quality of life and for self gain. To do that, I need your support and vote AGAINST the proposition.

Please go vote now – early voting has started. Additional information can be found at

For election location, dates and times, visit the City of Frisco election information page at

Please share this information with your family and friends. You can make a difference!  I am reaching out to you as a resident, parent and volunteer in Frisco and this view is not the view of the City of Frisco, which must take a neutral position on election items.

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