Maso Presents to Texas Realtors Leadership Program

Texas Realtors Leadership Program III (TRLP3) asked Maher Maso to present to the class during their Leadership Session. Maher was one of the original presenters for Class I in 2006 and was asked help TRLP3 again.

TRLP3 session TWO of the Texas Realtor Leadership Program Held at Frisco City Hall was as was termed by Host alumni Michael Elliot was one of “the” most dynamic sessions to date in the history of CCAR TRLP. Shelly Rogers selected to Head the group Legacy Project, guided the group through the project and into to main focuses, Green Push, and Voting Registration facilitated by the website and the plan to invite past alumni to author and contribute to the TRLP website, Diane and Shelly Made possible the registering of deputies of the whole class also.

Frisco Mayor Maher Maso, Collin County College President Dr. Cary Israel, Collin County District Attorney John R Roach, and Collin County Commissioner Joe Jaynes were guests. Stu Schlackman and his fantastic color program and presentations was the big hit again. Please see the blog to continue the discussion on the great ideas the group has to use as legacy projects. Please folks this is your website so send your link suggestions for the library, anything you know should be included here, and please keep the blog active with

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