Mayor Pro Tem Maso Presents Award to Frisco ISD

FISD Students Recycle More Than 26,000 Phone Books

Congratulations to FISD students, staff and parents for their participation in the city’s phonebook recycling effort.

FISD recycled more than 26,000 phone books during this campaign. The top school was Clark Middle School, collecting more than 6,400 phone books; Spears Elementary was 2nd with more than 5,100 phone books collected. Clark’s Green Team, headed up by the Life Skills class, is to be commended!

According to city environmental services officials, these books, stacked on top of one another, would be three times the height of the Empire State Building, or placed lengthwise, would cover approximately 4.5 miles of roadway (further than from city hall to the mall!. At an average of 700 pages a book, officials say the students saved 26,000 trees with their recycling efforts.

Maher Maso represented the city council and brought congratulations and awards to the top schools. He was joined by Jeremy Starritt of the environmental services staff and Doug Zambiasi of the FISD Administration.

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