A President & a good man

Of course, he will always have that title; President.  I’m a firm believer of respecting the office of any elected position as I believe strongly in our democracy and thus, I will always show respect to the office.  The other part is something you have to earn with me.  “A good man”, to me, is one of the highest compliments that I ever give.  It is three simple words that define who you really are, as a person. It also applies to woman – ” A good lady” has the same meaning to me.  It’s rare I will say that about someone I may not know that well, but it is also easy to say it about someone who makes a huge impact on me even from a distance.

George W. Bush is one of those people that I have had the opportunity to meet more than once. I have also had the opportunity to meet and speak with Mrs. Bush.  The experience with her was very similar to the experience with President Bush.  When I met Mrs. Bush, my wife and older daughter were with me.  She knew who I was, introduced herself and took the time to talk to us in a hectic environment.  She made my daughters day and took a picture with her.

My daughter with President Bush

Sincere smiles by both Layna and President Bush.

Tonight was no exception. The U.S.-China Cross Border Private Investment Summit began yesterday and will end tomorrow.  Tonight was a dinner where President Bush was the guest speaker.  Of course, I was mingling with investors and north Texas leaders speaking about the successes of Frisco.  As I was speaking to Mayor Rawlings of Dallas, I was introduced to Governor Richard Scott of Florida.  Governor Scott is a pleasant man and he seemed to know about Frisco. Hopefully, not because we won a new corporate headquarters recently and beat out Florida’s attempts, which were directly from the governors office!  I then saw President Bush sitting a few chairs over and he looked over at me and said “Hi Mayor!” I was surprised he recognized me and I walked over  to shake his hand. We spoke briefly and then he introduced me to the Chinese Chairman and an interpreter translated as I welcomed him to Texas.

After a few minutes with the chairman, I asked President Bush if he minded if my daughter met him.  His smile and quick words were “absolutely” and also “to make sure she brings her menu so that I can sign it”.  I was really impressed with his kindness yet again.  Not only did he sign it, but he asked her if she wanted a picture (they were not allowing pictures and I didn’t have any expectations of a picture).  He took the time to have a dialog with her, encourage her and take a picture with her, which really made her day. While he has always been someone she has admired, I think it is now a life-long admiration!

After that, we finished our dinner and then President Bush went on stage for his “interview”.  It was very inspirational and he spoke about his international relation efforts. He did not mince any words and was firm about his faith, even how he presented it in China and the importance it has in a free society.

The summit and visit with investors will finish tomorrow and I will continue working with regional leaders to bring additional investment to North Texas & Frisco.

Not only did I have the opportunity to see President Bush again, but I had a conversation with “A Good Man” tonigh.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/09/21/4840857/bush-to-address-chinese-investment.html#storylink=cpy
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