West Nile Virus

I have been receiving many questions about Frisco’s response to the West Nile Virus (WNV).  Whether on my twitter feed (www.twitter.com/mahermaso), facebook (http://www.facebook.com/mahermaso) or Linkedin (www.linkedin.com/in/mahermaso) – the two general comments are “Please spray” and “Please do not spray”.

At this time, Frisco has no plans to do any aerial spraying. That seems to be the biggest area of concern for our residents followed by doing any type of spraying.  Frisco follows a strict protocol on when and where to spray, if needed. As of the time that I am writing these comments, we have had three reported cases of WNV in Frisco.  Dallas and some surrounding communities are carrying out aerial spraying.  Frisco has carried out targeted spraying in three areas so far.

My position is that aerial spraying is a last resort option and I do not believe we are anywhere near that.  Under current conditions, I do not support aerial spraying.  I know Dallas Mayor Rawlings has declared a State of Emergency over WNV.  I have not declared a State of Emergency for Frisco.  Right now, you can help us deal with WNV.  Please read the city information page HERE.  There are some basic things you can do to protect yourself AND help our community do all it can.

  1. If you have standing water on your property, please eliminate it by finding the cause.
  2. If you know of abandoned swimming pools or other areas of standing water around the city, please contact the City of Frisco and let us know.
  3. Follow the precautions on the city web site; the “Four Ds” –  Apply DEET when outdoors especially at dawn or dusk, Drain standing water in your backyard and neighborhood, Dress in long sleeves and long pants when outside and stay indoors at dusk and dawn

There is not an easy solution for WNV and we must work together to minimize the risk.  I appreciate all those that have sent us comments and suggestions and I will work hard to continue to communicate with you on this issue.  I also recommend you visit the city web site at http://www.friscotexas.gov and sign up for communication from Frisco.


Maher Maso – Mayor



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