Women Veterans Month Proclamation

WHEREAS, the 82nd Legislature of the State of Texas designated the month of March each year Women Veterans Month in tribute to the immeasurable contributions that women in the military have made to this nation; and

WHEREAS, long before women gained regular admission to the military, they worked as nurses, water bearers, laundresses, and cooks, sometimes served as spies, and saboteurs, and on occasion even took up arms; and

WHEREAS, in 1901 the United States Army created a nurse corps, the US Navy and Marine Corps enlisted women as yeomen and reservists to free their male counter parts for combat; and

WHEREAS, the army established the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corp, later known as the Women’s Army; the Army also created the WASP, while the Navy organized the waves, the Marine Corp established the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve, and the Coast Guard created a reserve unit known as the SPARs. In 1948 an Act of Congress granted them permanent status in the regular and reserve forces; and

WHEREAS, Grace After Fire, a 501 (c) (3) Texas-based nonprofit organization strives to give women Veterans the support they need to restore and sustain a high quality of life while transitioning from service within those regular and reserve forces to civilian life, including women Veterans in our community and is working to raise awareness about the contributions of women Veterans.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Maher Maso, Mayor of the City of Frisco, do hereby proclaim, March 2012, as:


And call upon all citizens to express our gratitude to the women who have served our Nation with tenacity, courage, and professionalism, and they are deserving of their fellow citizens’ deepest gratitude and unfailing support.



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