Proclamation – Chief Mack Borchardt

WHEREAS, Fire Chief Aubrey “Mack” Borchardt and his family have been an integral part of the City of Frisco for 30 years; and

WHEREAS, Mack has been a lifelong resident of Frisco graduating from Frisco High School; and

WHEREAS, Mack began his fire service career in 1973 as a Frisco Volunteer Fire Fighter then after graduating from  the Richardson Fire Academy he was named as the Chief of the Frisco Volunteer Fire Department and later that year began his fulltime fire service with the City of McKinney; and

WHEREAS, Mack left McKinney and began his career in Frisco as the City Administrator and Fire Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department in November of 1982; and

WHEREAS, Mack became the city’s first, and has remained its only, fulltime Fire Chief of the Frisco Fire Department in November 1987; and

WHEREAS, the population of Frisco was approximately 1,820 at the time he began service and now has passed 123,000 citizens; and

WHEREAS, under Mack’s management, the Fire Department has grown from an all volunteer department to a department of over 140 fulltime members which still maintains a strong and active volunteer membership; and

WHEREAS, the Fire Department has grown from a single station to a network of seven stations to include Central Station which also host the City’s emergency operations center, training facilities, and Safety Town; and

WHEREAS, Mack has long been a strong advocate of fire and injury prevention both for the public and the firefighting staff; He has instituted a strong citywide fire prevention program and acquired apparatus and other equipment with the latest safety equipment; and

WHEREAS, Mack has provided the enduring vision for the development and future of the City of Frisco Fire Department, excellent stewardship of its resources, leadership, abiding love and compassion for our citizens, and uncompromised devotion to duty; and

WHEREAS, The Frisco Fire Department would be a lesser institution but for the great skill, dedication, and acumen of Aubrey “Mack” Borchardt.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Maher Maso, Mayor of the City of Frisco, on behalf of the City Council and the Citizens of Frisco, do hereby bestow Special Recognition to Aubrey Mack Borchardt and his family for 30 years of service faithfully rendered to the City of Frisco and its Citizens and do hereby proclaim December 2011 as

“Aubrey Mack Borchardt Month”

encouraging all citizens to congratulate Mack on his 30th anniversary of service, and thank him for his vision for the City of Frisco Fire Department and his dedication to our community.

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