Maso Awarded Frisco Citizen of the Year

Frisco mayor Pro Tem Maher Maso has received many accolades for his work on the City Council and as a board member of the Arts of Collin County, from colleagues, citizens, and the business community.

Saturday night the city’s largest business organization rewarded Maso with their biggest prize at the Chamber of Commerce’s 22nd annual awards banquet at the Embassy Suites Hotel: 2005 Frisco Citizen of the Year.

Frisco Mayor Mike Simpson – the 2004 recipient – introduced his colleague in glowing terms: “Someone who has devoted more than 10 years to our community, who has worked countless hours to make Frisco a better place, a person who has proven that we make our own success in both business and life. Someone I owe a lot to for convincing me to get involved in Frisco. From racing motorcycles a few years ago to now overseeing the premiere Arts of Collin County project, ladies and gentlemen, your Citizen of the Year, Maher Maso.”

Also recognized for tireless service to the community was Centennial Award winner Ruth Borchardt – a former Frisco schoolteacher and the namesake of a Frisco street next to Clark Middle School. Her son, Frisco Fire Chief Mack Borchardt, introduced her.

“I came along in 1948 – don’t do the math on that – and mom retired from Draughons Business College. She stayed home until my first-grade year when she had a job offer from both Frisco and Little Elm schools. She picked Frisco. I am eternally indebted to my mom for that decision,” Chief Borchardt said.

“She taught until 1976, and she substitute-taught until 1986. One thing she’s very, very proud of is long about 1980, they asked her to make some predictions about what Frisco schools would be like in the future. She predicted that Justin Wakeland would retire, and that a young upstart football coach/schoolteacher they had named Rick Reedy would go on to be superintendent. And she loves him ’til this day. Between Hackberry, Draughons, and Frisco, she taught up to three generations of many of the families who were the original shapers of this community who made it what it is today. Today, I asked my mom, ‘Did you ever teach Sam Roach?’ She said, ‘No, the Lord blessed me, the Lord smiled on me, I never did have to teach Sam.’ She’s proud to have a Frisco ISD school, a City of Frisco street, a Scotty P’s hamburger, and a granddaughter all named after her,” Chief Borchardt said.

Other businesses and citizens receiving awards were:

  • Community Waste Disposal – Corporate Business of the Year
  • FSpN (Frisco Sports and News) – Small Business of the Year
  • Sandy Simpson – Spirit of Frisco Award
  • Brig. Gen. Mike Cates – Patriot Award
  • Allison Miller – Golden Eagle Award
  • Janice Berg – Silver Citizen of the Year
  • Frisco Connect – Chamber Ambassador team of the Year
  • Stephanie Henes – Chamber Ambassador of the Year
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