Beta Sigma Phi Day Proclamation

 WHEREAS,         Beta Sigma Phi was founded in 1931 during the Great Depression out of the need for an organization that could bring women together and expose them to a social, cultural and educational climate that was not available in those difficult times; and

WHEREAS,                   Beta Sigma Phi has grown into an international organization for women with 160,000 active members; and

WHEREAS,                   Beta Sigma Phi has 737 chapters in the state of Texas. The members raise more than $3 million for local charities and donate over 200,000 volunteer hours in an average year; and

WHEREAS,                   Beta Sigma Phi of Texas is holding a state convention in Frisco October 14-15, 2011 at the Frisco Conference Center; and

WHEREAS          ,         the City of Frisco welcomes the delegates and applauds Beta Sigma Phi for its social and cultural work both locally and internationally.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Maher Maso, Mayor of the City Of Frisco, Texas do hereby proclaim October 14-15, 2011 as:



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