Multi-Family zoning & Little Elm

The recent multi-family zoning in Little Elm is a concern to the City of Frisco and our residents. I have received many questions regarding this issue and the Frisco Council is united in our approach to this destructive action by Little Elm

We are working closely with the Frisco ISD and evaluating and taking action on several fronts.  It is our belief that this zoning case is harmful to both Little Elm and to Frisco. My hope is that we can end up finding a solution that Little Elm will work with us on, but in the end, my responsibility is to our City and Citizens. I am happy to answer questions on this issue and will keep our citizens updated as we move forward to a beneficial resolution for our citizens.

This is where my history and record will show my approach to dealing with excessive and destructive multi-family zoning:

One of the first platforms I ran on when I was first elected in 2000 was the critical need to reduce the apartment zoning in Frisco.  In 2000, we had approximately 65,018 units of Multi-Family (MF) zoning. That was a very serious problem for a city when our comprehensive plan recommended approximately 15,000 units city-wide.  My 3-step plan was put into action by the City Council at our work session in 2000. From 2000 until 2008, we  reduced MF zoning by 35,347 units to 26,671.  Since elected Mayor, we continued to work at reducing the MF zoning to reasonable levels and we are currently at 24,850 units.  That is a total reduction of 40,168 units!

I am committed to bringing the number of apartment zoning down to level that will provide housing for our residents yet not over-saturate our city.  I am also committed to ensuring that the zoning by Little Elm near our Trails neighborhood will not stand and negatively impact the quality of life and public safety of our residents.

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