Jodi Shuman Thanks Maher Maso for communication

BY JODI SHUMWAY / Neighbors Editor

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Isbell Elementary during their kindergarten Thanksgiving feast.

I have to say, it was so refreshing seeing the innocence of these children as they filed into the cafeteria with their paper costumes and hats, some on backwards, some on sideways.

Even though they have been taught from infancy to say thank you, they are just getting to the age of understanding what it really means.

I catch myself saying thank you for things that I’m not really thankful for, just to be polite. Being polite is quite acceptable, but how often do we really stop to think about what we’re really thankful for in our lives?

The Thanksgiving holiday comes around only one day a year and is filled with food, family and football. But, I saw a billboard the other day that made me stop and think about Thanksgiving in a whole new way. And being a writer/editor, it really hit home “Thanksgiving is a verb, not just a noun.”

It’s been more than a week since I saw this billboard, and it has run through my mind daily. I keep asking myself, ‘what have I done to show that I am thankful for all that I have?’ Another question that keeps coming to my mind is, ‘is there someone I am thankful for, but I haven’t told him or her thank you for being an influence in my life?’

I think the answer to those questions is ‘not enough’ and ‘many’. I’ve said thank you thousands of times in the last year, but I know I haven’t done near enough to show my thankfulness. And the people in my life that I am thankful for are too numerous mention.

There are some Frisco people; however, that I would like to tell thank you for supporting Frisco Neighbors and me even before it hit the racks (or sidewalks).

Thank you Dana Baird and Maher Maso for keeping me well informed about events taking place at the city level.

Jane Whitledge, thank you for all your work, writing and wonderful photos of school events and for showing around Frisco and introducing me to the marvelous parks system.

Gigi Garcia from the Frisco Dance Force has kept me informed about the group’s performance schedule; thank you for your dedication to the kids.

And I can’t forget Diana Moya and her willingness to send photos and art show updates for the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco. And last but in no means least, the citizens of Frisco who read the first issue in October and started sending in event and story ideas. THANK YOU!

These people were instrumental in helping launch the first issue of Frisco Neighbors, and they continue to be a great source of information and encouragement to me, and I thank each of you for your dedication to the city of Frisco.

On that note, is there someone you would like to thank? During this time of turkey and pumpkin pie, football and leftovers, call someone that has been a source of light in your life and tell them thank you.

Remember the billboard “Thanksgiving is a verb, not just a noun.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jodi Shumway is the Frisco Neighbors editor. She can be reached by e-mailing

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