Tuesday May 3rd – Last day to EARLY vote

Today, Tuesday, May 3rd, is the last day for early voting.  The polls are open until 7PM tonight. Please make your voice heard, vote for new Council Members & vote AGAINST the alcohol proposition. Information on polling locations can be found HERE.  In short, if you live in Collin County, you can vote at any Collin County polling location. If you live in Denton County portion of Frisco, you can vote at ANY Denton County polling location.

I am asking for your help and support in voting AGAINST the alcohol proposition.  You have received countless social media ads, phone calls and mailers by the paid consultants and workers that are pushing to pass this issue.  This ballot item is about one bar in Frisco that is not meeting the TABC requirements and that is trying to change the rules.  The messages you have received attempt to confuse the issue. They make it sound like Frisco is losing millions – we are not.  They make it sound like if you do not support this item, things will change in Frisco. They will not.  In short:

  • If you vote against: Nothing Changes.  You can still buy bear and wine in Frisco. You can still have a bar, with approval, in Frisco. You can still have a drink with dinner in Frisco.  If you vote for, then bars can locate anywhere in the city that has retail zoning without city control. We (YOU) can’t say no.  You can have liquor stores anywhere in the city that has retail zoning.  We (YOU) can’t say no.
  • Every current and past Mayor is voting AGAINST.  Every Council Member is voting AGAINST. They understand he issue and all feel the same way: THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR FRISCO AND OUR SUSTAINABILITY.  Will you support us – volunteers that have given thousands of hours to make Frisco successful or will you support special interest groups, ONE BAR that wants to make more money  and paid consultants who tell you how good this is for you?  Please help us stay on track by joining me and voting AGAINST.
  • They say we will lose Millions.  They are right.  Frisco is a very successful community. One of the lowest crime rates in the Country.  One of the lowest, if not lowest, tax rate of any city over 100,000 in North Texas. We have great balance, great school, low taxes, great quality of life. What will it cost us if we lose that balance? You are making a choice of how we develop by this vote.  Do we stay on plan?   To repeat: FRISCO HAS LOWER PROPERTY TAXES THAN ANY OF THE CITIES MENTIONED in their WITHOUT ALCOHOL SALES.
  • They say that restaurants will not stay open until 2AM without this vote and that they will go to Plano. Did you know Plano has the SAME EXACT rules that we do when it comes to bars? They cannot locate in Plano without a special use permit. The same thing we have now in Frisco. What this vote will do is allow BARS to locate anywhere there is retail zoning in Frisco WITHOUT city council (your elected officials) control.  Do you really want that?

I enjoy serving our community. I receive a small stipend every month to cover minor expenses. I volunteer my time to make Frisco the best and safest city in the country. I will not profit if you vote AGAINST. I have nothing to gain except keeping your taxes low and quality of life high if you vote AGAINST.  I am asking for your HELP – you can make a difference. Please join me in voting AGAINST today until 7PM or this Saturday from 7AM – 7PM.

Thank You!

Mayor Maher Maso


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Please Vote

Early Voting has Started! You will be going to the polls to elect two Frisco Council members and to vote on an alcohol proposition being presented by a local establishment. Also, depending on where you live in Frisco – you will be voting on ISD Trustees.

In the context of all the marketing being done by the pro-alcohol consultants and paid help, I created this post where I will attempt to add a new part to it every day during early Voting. My version of the top-10 list! Remember, the wording on the ballot is what THIS BUSINESS THAT BEGAN THIS EFFORT WANTED TO BE. It is not clear what you are voting on. The simplest way to explain it:  If you vote AGAINST – nothing will change. You can still purchase mixed drinks in restaurants, buy beer and wine in stores and visit private clubs in Frisco that can sell more than 50% of sales in alcohol.  If you vote for it, one of the outcomes will be that BARS can locate anywhere that retail zoning exists without further approvals by the City Council. This may include the empty lot near your home. The City Council cannot RESTRICT THEM if this passes.

Why vote AGAINST – My Daily Reasons?

DAY 3, 4 & 5 early voting reasons to vote AGAINST: 


On one side, slick newspaper-like advertisements, high-paid consultants and a highly respected economist. All of us have seen the myriad of reasons why we should vote to open up Frisco more than almost any other community in North Texas with bars and alcohols sales and at the top of the list is how much money we are losing to other cities!

On the other side is every single council member in the City of Frisco. Every single candidate running for city council. Every single school board trustee. The Frisco Chamber of Commerce, PTA’s and homeowner associations, past mayors, past council members and numerous other leaders.  In almost every case, volunteers who live in Frisco, who spend thousands of hours trying to make Frisco the best possible place to live.  Who truly care about our community.  They are involved. They know the facts.

There is a big difference between hired professionals paid to get this across the finish line and volunteers in our community trying to make Frisco a better place.  There is a big difference between one bar in Frisco that is trying to maximize their profits and community volunteers who are not making a profit out of this – they are only in it for a better community.  The alcohol paid consultants and bar are telling you why this is good for you. It’s not good for you. It is good for them and only them.

I know the consultants. They know what they are doing. They are good at what they are doing.  I have respect for them as a company, they are the best at what they do. But, the citizens of Frisco have to recognize that it is their job to convince you of their message.  In most cases – they will have a contingency fee – a large amount of dollars they will get if this passes.  Their pay is directly tied to their success.  They are so good at it, I am answering a lot of questions about this “lost revenue”. Their message has worked on some.

Yet we have volunteers know that the revenue comes with real costs, including lost opportunities and other expenses that they fail to mention  I am one of those volunteers. The only gain I receive is ensuring the quality of life in Frisco, the long-term sustainability of Frisco and the low taxes in Frisco. I do not make any money if this passes or fails.  My contingency when you vote AGAINST is that Frisco will stick to plan. My contingency fee, along with the other leaders, is quality of life, sustainability of our community and the jobs created here by having the right demographics for companies.

The consultants talk about lost revenue to nearby cities.  I will let you in on a little secret:  Frisco has a lower property tax rate than every one of them.  Our quality of life, low crime AND focused planning is keeping our property taxes low, not the fact that we don’t have alcohol sales.  This entire election is about one bar that, in my opinion, verges on the edge of being a sexually oriented business, wanting to sell more alcohol.  The consultants do a great job of trying to confuse the issue.

The consultants mention that many of our restaurants or “clubs” do not open until 2am and that Plano gets all of those clubs and that we need this to pass so that more clubs can open until 2AM.  Did you know that Plano regulates clubs the same way we currently do – they must get a special use permit from the city to sell more than 50%?  WE ARE IDENTICAL TO PLANO IN NOT ALLOWING BARS with going to the city for approval as a private club.

The paid consultants continue to push the lost revenue from not allowing bars to come up on every corner (yes, that is what can happen if this passes – the city will not have any control).  I have a question for you which is what the title of this post is – Is this about money?   If it is and our residents want us to  create more revenue and not worry about sustainability and planned growth, the city council can approve many things that will generate even more money. Do you really want us to?  Do you really want some of those high-impact uses in our city?  Do you want uses near your neighborhood that will lower your quality of life to just make more money?  I promised, when I ran for Mayor, to keep taxes low, to create jobs, to help build a sustainable city and keep a high QUALITY OF LIFE.  I didn’t promise to bring new revenue to the city at all costs. I promised to bring the RIGHT kind of growth.

Please join me in voting AGAINST and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to do the same thing. Let’s keep Frisco First – not the paid consultants and one bar that is pushing for this to pad their bottom line.


Day 2 early voting reason to vote AGAINST: The bar that is trying to push this proposition through to increase their bottom line and profits at Frisco’s expense is promising you a free beer if you vote.

I can’t promise you a free beer – I can only promise you to continue to do everything in my power to represent Frisco to the best of my ability, to always work my hardest to protect our community and to represent us to the world as the best place to do business and raise a family. Will you help me by voting AGAINST?

Day 1 early voting reason to vote AGAINST: I sent out a note asking for your support in helping me represent and protect Frisco. I need our citizens to be involved on this issue. Please Join me!   (posted from facebook):

Please join me in voting AGAINST the alcohol proposition on the ballot. It is there because SPECIAL INTEREST, PAID LOBBYIST and CONSULTANTS are trying to change the rules for a business that is not meeting the 50% alcohol requirements. I do not ask our community for much – but I’m asking for your support to just say NO (AGAINST) to others trying to bring a free-for-all in our community.

Leave control of how BARS get to operate in our city in the control of the City Council, not special interests. Please tell your friends as the consultants hired by this bar are spending and have spent a large amount of money on convincing our residents this is good for our city. IT IS ONLY GOOD FOR THEM – NOT OUR CITY.

Please go to the polls starting today and vote.


How can you help?

  1. Vote AGAINST!
  2. Call, Talk or E-mail all your friends and family to Vote!
  3. Share this link with all your social media sites and groups. The power of one can become many. Frisco First!
  4. Remind your family and friends to vote (again)!  We are all busy with life – but we can’t take this issue for granted. It can change the face and success of Frisco and send us in the wrong direction.
  5. To learn more about why you should vote AGAINST, visit:  http://keepingfriscofirst.com/
  6. Election Information can be found here:  http://friscotexas.gov/1143/May-2016-Elections
  7. Remember:  VOTE AGAINST
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Vote Against Alcohol Ballot Item

Yesterday, I posted a twitter and facebook message asking our residents for help in voting AGAINST the alcohol proposition.

I have had the honor to serve the City of Frisco and our citizens as Mayor for the last 8 years. It is a volunteer role, but well over full-time in the committment it takes. I wake up every day thinking of how much of a privilege it is to be allowed to serve our community and I do my best to live up to the trust you have placed in me.

It is not often I ask for help, but this is one of those times. There is a lot of noise out there about the alcohol proposition. The establishment that is attempting to change the rules for the entire city to benefit their alcohol sales has invested a large amount of money to get this proposition to pass.  They are not able to meet the rules that govern their operation, so they are trying to change them. .  This alcohol proposition not about Frisco, but about one business trying to become a bar at all costs.  Frisco believes in market driven success, but we also believe in planning and following the rules. The number of complaints I receive about this business and how they operate is an area of concern to me.

My service to our community is based on a promise I made to protect Frisco and to make sure special interests do not interfere with our quality of life and for self gain. To do that, I need your support and vote AGAINST the proposition.

Please go vote now – early voting has started. Additional information can be found at http://keepingfriscofirst.com/

For election location, dates and times, visit the City of Frisco election information page at http://friscotexas.gov/1143/May-2016-Elections

Please share this information with your family and friends. You can make a difference!  I am reaching out to you as a resident, parent and volunteer in Frisco and this view is not the view of the City of Frisco, which must take a neutral position on election items.

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Cornyn Meets with Frisco Mayor Maher Maso

Mayor Maso and Senator Cornyn meeting in DC

Mayor Maso and Senator Cornyn meeting in DC


United States Senator – Texas
For Immediate Release
CONTACT: Drew Brandewie, (202) 224-0704

Libby Hambleton, (512) 461-7036

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cornyn Meets with Frisco Mayor Maher Maso

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) met today with the City of Frisco Mayor, Maher Maso, to discuss the city’s economic and public safety initiatives.  Please see photo attached and below.

Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, is a member of the Senate Judiciary and Finance Committees.



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Congress Should Re-Authorize EX-IM Bank – by Mayor Maher Maso

Houston Community Newspapers
Congress should reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank
By Mayor Maher Maso
May 12, 2015

As Mayor of Frisco, I work with our City Council and City Manager to deliver results for my city’s residents each and every day – such as responding to public safety emergencies, delivering water and sewer services, meeting the needs of an expanding population, mowing the grass in the parks, and maintaining roadways.  Those results directly impact the economy and quality of life in our community They are crucial to Frisco’s success in improving opportunity, investment, and jobs to our city.

Similarly, the U.S. Export-Import Bank (also known as the “Ex-Im”), a small federal agency, makes a big impact for American companies trying to sell their goods overseas.  Frisco and North Texas businesses benefit from Ex-Im.

Exporting goods throughout the globe is a risky business. Problems ranging from political and economic instability to navigating the different economic and legal systems make it hard for traditional banks to extend credit to many customers around the world.  So, the Ex-Im Bank helps fill in the gaps in the private market – the proverbial roadway potholes in the international banking system – by providing financing, loan guarantees and insurance so American companies are protected when doing business around the globe.

Nearly, 9,000 American companies have used Ex-Im since 2007, helping them export about $300 billion in U.S. goods. During that time, nearly 1,700 Texas businesses exported $29 billion in goods, thanks to Ex-Im.

These exports supported 1.2 million American jobs – roughly equal to the entire population of Dallas. Without Ex-Im many of these jobs wouldn’t have existed.

Additionally, just this past month the Ex-Im was named one of America’s Top Government Agencies for Multicultural Business Opportunities.

Small businesses in Frisco and across the region rely on Ex-Im.  Companies such as Cornerstone Automation Systems, which manufactures equipment designed to help companies streamline their packaging, distribution, inventory systems, has been able to export $30 million of goods thanks to Ex-Im. Blade Energy Partners’ 70 engineers, scientists, and project managers help their clients safely drill for oil and gas in some of the most remote places on Earth. Ex-Im has helped them export $50 million worth of goods and services.

Also, Polyguard, a Texas-based manufacturer of protective coatings for pipelines, was able to break into the global marketplace thanks to Ex-Im starting in 2005. Before they found Ex-Im, executives couldn’t find private export insurance. They were told that they were just too small. But thanks to Ex-Im’s insurance and export financing, Polyguard now exports to 34 countries. They have been able to more than double their number of employees thanks to increasing sales by 338%. The companies President credits Ex-Im for this growth.

And there is Air Tractor, an employee-owned company that makes small airplanes used to fight fires or to fertilize crops. They have been using Ex-Im’s services for over 20 years. 60% of their business is selling these planes overseas.

Unfortunately, this agency that has enjoyed broad, bipartisan support since it was founded in 1934 is under attack.  In the rightful effort to shrink government, often targets could be wrongly hit causing real-world consequences.

Ex-Im is open to all American companies who sell goods abroad.  From what I know, there are not special favors given to the well off or well connected. Reports show that roughly 90 percent of Ex-Im’s transactions are with small and medium size businesses having no special influence in Washington, D.C, apart from the success they have in providing jobs to constituents.

Further, Ex-Im’s charter bars it from competing against private alternatives. Companies must show there is no commercial option before Ex-Im can even offer to help, so no private sector options are being displaced.

Ex-Im’s conservative, low-risk loan practices mean the Bank’s default rate is five times lower than that of average commercial banks. And since Ex-Im charges fees to foreign buyers of American goods on transactions supported by the Bank, Ex-Im is not only self-sustaining but it returns a profit to the U.S. Treasury every year.

Hopefully, our leaders in Washington will understand that jobs are based on trade market and that they will vote to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank before it expires on June 30th, so the Bank can continue its success aiding US companies in the trade markets  – just like we improve opportunity, investment, and jobs here in Texas.


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Mayor Maso Announces Re-Election Bid

Frisco Mayor Maher Maso Announces Re-Election Campaign Kick-Off

Maher Maso

Maher Maso

Frisco, TX, January 13, 2014—Frisco Mayor Maher Maso announced that he will seek re-election for his third term as Mayor.  Mayor Maso was elected to the City Council in 2000 and first elected as Mayor in 2008.  Since that time, Mayor Maso has presided over a remarkable growth period in Frisco despite a national downturn in the economy.

During his tenure, Frisco has enjoyed one of the lowest tax rates in North Texas and has maintained a low unemployment rate.  Mayor Maso’s vision and commitment to Frisco have played a key role in keeping Frisco on the forefront of quality growth and job attraction.

Mayor Maso, who was first elected as Mayor in 2008 and then reelected in 2011, has been recognized for his strong leadership by being twice appointed to State of Texas committees by Governor Perry.

Mayor Maso is proud to report that Andrea Wright (Campaign Manager) and Coach Del Harris (Treasurer) are both returning in their roles in his upcoming bid for re-election as mayor of Frisco.  Andrea, a long-time resident of Frisco and a trusted advisor, is excited to be part of the campaign.  Andrea has helped guide the Texas Legends D-League team as they have grown to be one of the most successful franchises in the D-League.

Harris, an 11-year resident of Frisco, has had success at every level in his many years of coaching basketball, including the NBA, collegiate and high school. He has served as head coach of the Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, and before coming to the Dallas Mavericks as an assistant and then consultant, Harris was head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, earning NBA Coach of the Year in 1995. He is an active member of the Frisco community and works frequently with many local charitable organizations. Harris is honored to be part of Maso’s re-election team.

The Mayor Maso campaign team will be hosting a free kick-off party at The Westin Stonebriar in Frisco on Friday, January 17th from 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.  All are welcome and refreshments and light snacks will be served. RSVP by visiting the facebook page at www.facebook.com/mayormaso or emailing rsvp@masoformayor.com

The Mayoral Election will be held on May 10, 2014.

For more information on Mayor Maso’s re-election campaign, visit www.masoformayor.com or www.facebook.com/mayormaso.



Andrea Wright – Campaign Manager
Chris Martin – Communications



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